Immigration above any other legal field is the least understood body of law. Many people believe that immigration benefits are “automatic” or just require the filing of a simple form with a fee. Most people do not have such an attitude towards criminal or bankruptcy because these areas affect your money or your freedom. But immigration affects both of these values as well as your family and your future.

Immigration law consists of volumes of statutes, regulations, court cases, and administrative interpretations. This law is full of restrictions, penalties, and deadlines that can result in the denial of your case. With over 25 years of experience, Gresk & Singleton, LLP has a firm understanding of the law and how it applies to you and your family. In addition to our Indianapolis office, we provide consultations in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and Goshen, Indiana on weekends. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to determine the options that may be available to you. We offer the following immigration services:

  • Permanent immigration of family members through adjustment of status or immigrant visa/consulate processing; representation of routine and complex adjustment of status and naturalization interviews at the USCIS Indianapolis field office; K-1/K-3 Fiance visas and other nonimmigrant visa petitions and extensions;  petitions for asylum, crime victims, and domestic violence survivors; applications for U.S. citizenship; and representation in removal/deportation proceedings. We also specialize in the complex immigration issues that may be “deal breakers” in your process but not easily known by the occasional immigration practitioner.
  • Employment based immigration through the filing of nonimmigrant visa petitions for H-1B Specialty Occupation, L-1A/L-1B Intracompany Transferees, H-3 Trainee, O-1 Extraordinary Ability Aliens, P Athletes, E Investors; and R Religious Workers; immigrant petitions for skilled or degreed workers, outstanding researchers, managers/executives, and extraordinary ability aliens; and applications for labor certification through the U.S. Department of Labor’s PERM system. We specialize in representing the small and mid-sized employer who are not familiar with the process for unique or nontraditional occupations. Your case will be prepared by an attorney and not a paralegal.
  • I-601 Waiver Applications (or “perdons”), especially through the U.S. Embassies Abroad – Individuals applying for permanent residency can be inadmissible for various reasons, but many of the grounds can be waived or “forgiven” by showing extreme hardship to a qualifying relative. Frequently, individuals in the U.S. without documentation who are applying based on marriage to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident will have to depart the U.S. to process at the embassy in their country, but this departure can trigger a 10-year bar requring a waiver. Our office has successfully filed hundreds of waiver applications. We understand the fear and the complexity but will compassionately tailor a waiver to represent your life situation. There are risks involved when choosing to depart, but an illegal alien continues to face risks everyday of raids, arrests, and deportation. To be approved, a waiver need not show one overwhelming or debilitating hardship (such as a terminal or chronic disease) but several hardships that when taken together do not leave any viable option besides allowing your immigrant spouse to reunite with you in the U.S. Waivers are not routine filings that just anyone can do and are guaranteed to be approved–be sure you seek competent legal advice before choosing to depart the country.