Why Choose Gresk & Singleton PC

We are one of the earliest and largest immigration law firms in the State of Indiana. What began as just 7 file folders in a desk drawer has grown into a practice with thousands of clients across the country; 7 attorneys; 11 support staff; and legal services in all areas that affect immigrants including criminal, family, and civil law. Our many years of combined experience allow us to offer successful, efficient, and affordable immigration assistance.

Immigration above any other legal field is the least understood body of law. Many people believe that immigration benefits are “automatic” or just require the filing of a simple form with a fee. Most people do not have such an attitude towards criminal or bankruptcy because these areas affect your money or your freedom. But immigration affects both of these values as well as your family and your future. A mistake could cost you everything.

Immigration law consists of volumes of statutes, regulations, court cases, and administrative interpretations. This area of law is full of eligibility requirements, restrictions, penalties, and deadlines that can result in the denial of your case. An improper filing can not only cost you substantial time and money, but it can result in the loss of benefits or deportation from the U.S. But many people take advantage of your lack of knowledge or believe they’re being “charitable” or just managing a simple HR issue to the plight of illegal aliens or foreign workers in a small business. These “notarios,” translators, tax preparers, religious workers, or human resources clerks often cause more harm than good. Even worse, these individuals have no accountability for ethics or malpractice violations. If these individuals make a mistake, you will then have to seek the help of a qualified attorney or face denial, job loss, lengthy waits back in your home country, or deportation. Just remember these golden rules—marriage to a U.S. citizen does not automatically make you legal; you can’t become legal because you’ve lived here for ten years; you don’t obtain status being the victim of just any crime; nor does long term employment with a company automatically mean you can retire from there.

Hiring an attorney assures the following:

  • Thorough understanding of the laws, risks, timelines, and procedures
  • Assistance collecting and organization your paperwork and your time
  • Efficiency and proper filing
  • Ethical accountability
  • Awareness of cross-legal issues
  • Real-life experience with clients and staff members who have gone through a similar process

Gresk & Singleton offers a thorough understanding of your case not only due to our many years of experience but also because many of our staff members are immigrants just like you who have gone through an immigration process.

Gresk & Singleton offers:

  • Over 25 years of experience in immigration, criminal, family, and civil law
  • We have handled a large volume of family, humanitarian, and employment based processing cases over many years and have essentially “seen everything” that may arise in an immigration case. This gives us more extensive experience than smaller firms, clinics, or solo practitioners who only dabble in immigration
  • Long history working with USCIS Indianapolis and national Service Centers
  • We encouraged our clients to pursue consular processing years ago when other attorneys told you to wait for a new law. Now, with hundreds of successful cases, we have gained significant experience working with the National Visa Center, the U.S. Embassies and Consulates, and filing I-601/I-601A /I-212 Waiver Applications.
  • We are a small, efficient office who has worked well together for years. We are always available to help.
  • We have experience handling large companies, but over the years we have begun concentrating on small companies who may have never hired a foreign national before
  • Other law firms that you use will not feel threatened by our boutique immigration services because we do not offer competitive business law services
  • We offer direct communication with you and your employee so that he or she feels comfortable with our representation and then feels confident in you as an employer.
  • Our attorneys take the time to explain the often complicated processes
  • We specialize in unique job occupations and creatively tailoring our filings to your position. Your employee is not just another average researcher, analyst, or engineer. He or she is a real person with a family who fills a very important role in your company